Greetings! I'm Aditya Narayan, a pharmacist turned writer and coach. I believe in the power of words and offer a unique program, the SPIC & SPAN Methodology™, to help you write, market, and publish your work quickly with AI's assistance.

I also offer an exclusive writing course that leverages AI for both writing and marketing. Join me on this transformative journey.

As a wellness practitioner, I specialize in Frequency Specific Micro-Current Therapy, a groundbreaking modality that aims to rejuvenate your body at the subatomic level.

Explore the magic of words and unlock your wellness potential with me.

Learn how to write, publish, market, and earn from your bestseller. CREATE AN ETERNAL LEGACY!!!

Harness the internet's power with AI to create your masterpiece.

Discover how to:

Utilize AI for writing and marketing.

Find your genre and publish in 90 days.

No experience needed.

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Our mission: Empower 10,000 writers with our proven S.P.I.M. system.

NO gimmicks. NO shortcuts.

Our Code of Honor:

FREEDOM: Break free from limiting beliefs.

INDEPENDENCE: Act independently, delegate tasks for refinement.

FINANCIAL STABILITY: Think abundance, create multiple income streams, upskill boldly.

CERTAINTY: Learn, Do, Teach - meet deadlines, achieve goals.

CONTROL: Maintain self-control, your greatest asset.

TRANSPARENCY: Be genuine, build trust through authenticity.

CHARITY: Give back 10% of your earnings; it's a universal law.

Impeccably designed systematic approach.

Join our motivated community at "The Written Word Hub and Akademi."


As you embark on your journey to become a successful Independent Self-Published Authorpreneur, the people and processes accompanying you are essential. To overcome the trials and tribulations of this journey, you must be able to plan, implement, and achieve your goals. We have developed the S.P.I.M. program to provide you with the tools and resources to reach your destination.

  • Inculcate the perfect mindset, acquire the relevant skillset and equip with appropriate tools and tactics
  • Identify and realize your genre of writing
  • Create a routine
  • Learn and practice methodologies, download, and use digital tools
  • Start writing

  • Begin your writing journey with us
  • Learn to apply tools, hacks, techniques, and methodologies
  • Design your book
  • Edit, proofread, cover design, and format your manuscript
  • Get your book professionally reviewed and pitch it to publishers or self-publish
  • Market and Publish
  • Organic marketing using social media, personal brand website building, lead generation, CTA campaigns, and organic & paid advertising
  • Pitch preparation, proposal writing, approaching publishing houses and private publishers
  • Self-publishing: The most helpful and cost-effective channel
  • Post-launch, post-release activities


I meticulously designed the courses to give learners a comprehensive learning experience to help shift their mindset, enhance their skill sets, and equip them with the tools. There are no unrealistic deadlines to ensure learners progress at their own pace. As your facilitator, I'll be there every step of the way to provide hand-holding, support, and guidance. Together, we'll clear the obstacles and work our way up to achieving freedom, independence, and financial stability.

Let’s talk about your next book idea.


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Launching in September 2023

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have developed into a thriving, active online community that attracts many readers and writers.

Crowdsourcing and collaboration are critical to the success of this community.

Here, authors can connect with other like-minded individuals who share their passion for writing and want to get their work published. It offers a certain uniqueness among its competitors. The connection between professionals and amateurs is unending and fast-paced. The passion for books and reading is infectious, the people here are friendly and approachable, and the online community is active and cohesive.

In keeping with the time-honored practice of literature passed down from generation to generation, The Written Word Hub And Akademi continue to bring new life to centuries-old works by modernizing them for today's readers using AI, NFT, and other emerging technologies.

Upcoming Books

Historical Fiction

Rudra: The Last King

Historical fiction based on the last king of the Kakatiya Dynasty based in the Deccan Plateau of South India

Non-fiction: Historiography

Nation of Jugaad: The Insouciance of Indians

How the people of India, from pre-history till the current day have always found a way to beat the odds at the last moment and eke out a living, emerging as one, even after the vagaries of nature, occupations, invasions, pandemics and political upheaval

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